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BANGER ALERT!!! Joely - Jamo Prod. By Joely [Free Download]

                Free Download: Joely - Jamo Prod. By Joely [Artic Records Inc]

‘The right banger for the right season’ - Jamo by Joely is a song that will definitely swing you to the dance floor at parties, club houses and every festive scene. Joely is a young, versatile upcoming artiste signed to Artic Records Inc. A United Kingdom music and entertainment outfit with the intent of promoting young talented musical artistes. Joely has been in the musical scene for quite sometimes, an excellent music producer, songwriter, dancer, a keyboardist, sound engineer and a drummer, many artistic talents knitted into one. He is a graduate of University of Benin, Nigeria with outstanding grades from the department of Economics.
Joely is most definitely here to stay, he’s got so many well-composed, well organised songs that are appealing to the ears. Enjoy JAMO and stay tuned for more from Joely.

Contact - @joely_kusha – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Merry ‘Xmas Fellaz!

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Photos: Woman had sex with passed-out-drunk boyfriend in the middle of a parking lot in broad daylight

A woman in Virginia named Kimberly Jackson, 36, was arrested for having sex with her unconscious boyfriend in a parking lot in broad daylight outside a busy shopping area in East Virginia Beach Boulevard on Tuesday September 8th. When police was called to the scene of the sex act by mortified passersby, they found the man, Earl Palmer, unresponsive while the woman straddled him. They later told police, they did it because they were drunk...

The sex act while lasted for a few minutes was filmed by passersby and shared on social media...

Monday, 26 May 2014

'I am Not Banging T.I's Wife' - Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather is NOT trying to get tricky with T.I.'s wife ... in fact, Floyd is telling friends he's shocked the rapper tried to pick a fight -- 'cause he thought they were all friends.
We're told Floyd never felt like there was any beef with T.I. -- nor does he want to be romantically involved with Tip's wife Tameka "Tiny" Cottle.

Our sources say Money is very upset over being falsely accused of any shenanigans -- and feels it was ridiculous for T.I. to get mad at him ... since it was Tiny's choice to hangout while in Vegas.

We're told Floyd's only motive was continuing his friendship with Mr. and Mrs. T.I.


Source: TMZ

Sunday, 25 May 2014

10 Richest Nigerian comedians And Their Source of Wealth

They may look funny and unserious, but they are cavorting to the bank and living their dreams. Ali Baba, the father of stand-up comedians in Nigeria, aptly captured in words, the profitability of comedy business when he said: “comedy is a funny business, a very big business.”

After a careful study of the careers of these successful comedians, Showtime (Vanguard) came to the conclusion that a number of them are outstanding. Here are the top 10 in this branch of entertainment in terms of their assets, the money they charge per show, the various products or corporate endorsements they did, and their established brands from which they make steady income.


With over thirty years of performing on stage and hosting events for almost all Nigeria’s former presidents and the present one, Ali Baba sits at the apex. Even President Olusegun Obasanjo once jokingly accused him of being overpaid for his performance. His Lekki mansion where he lives is said to be worth more than N300 million alone.

Alibaba makes his money through a chain of businesses in Lagos: as a reputed motivational speaker, a professional comedian patronised by almost all the big brands and political bigwigs in the country. His net worth is estimated to be over 3 billion naira. It is estimated that he performs in a minimum of two events weekly at an average rate of 4 to 4.5million naira per event. That would add up to about 400 million naira per annum!


He has been associated with many companies, signing different endorsement contracts in the last six years. He also has an impressive list of branding deals with Amstel Malta, Globacom Ltd. and a host of others. With his sold-out shows in South African, London, and even in far away America, and on his Basketmouth Uncensored platform, the comedian has been so consistent since he came to limelight.

"I regret tweeting about Sinzu’s theft" – Godwon


Last month US returnee and rapper ,Godwon opened up a can of worms when he posted a tweet about Sizu wanted for stealing 300 dollars in the USA..He tweeted ...

"At your age, you can’t make peace but have time to be thief and make the news… I have been shady but I haven’t been posting pix of two new Mercedes when I need 300 bucks so bad I had to steal."

Unknown to him his own candy theft case would be exposed.Now he told Punch he never meant to..He also acknowledged he was arrested for Candy theft but never convicted

"Somebody tweeted to me about Sinzu’s case in the US and I only retweeted it. I called him but he didn't want to talk to me.I believe it was somebody close to him that sent that tweet to me. He doesn't realise that people in the US are your friends but once you outshine them, they burn your cable. People don’t want to think reasonably. How could it be me? I am in Abuja; do I have surveillance in the US? The cat was already out of the bag. The US officials were already after him. I feel bad for him. If I had known, I wouldn't have retweeted it. By the time I realised it, it was too late. I had known all along about his case. I even felt for him to be involved in such crime, he needed money. But I suggested clean money to him, he wouldn't want it.At the moment, some blogs don’t post my music, some radio people don’t want to talk to me. It is only God that has been helping me"

"I moved on, I am not worried" - Adaeze speaks after claims Joseph Yobo sleeps around

Just 2 days ago, a lady surface on Adaeze Yobo's IG page claiming she was Joseph Yobo's mistress. Ada responded by shading the lady and sharing a snapshot of their convoy.

Adaeze went on a movie date night with her husband and posted the photo above on her IG. However, she's still trying to prove she isn't bothered by the claims and here's Ada's response:

"hello lovers, i just want to state that whatever i post on my page or posted after the unfortunate incident has nothing to do with it, and it will not also prevent me from posting whatever the fuck (i had to swear. Sorry), i desire to post at any point i desire to post it. You also have the right to attach a meaning to any pic i post but i wld appreciate it if you kept it to yourself. I had fun with it at the time. Ive moved on... I aint worried about nothing, not today not ever. lets keep my page as innocent as it was�� remain blessed!"

Pregnancy Picture Renders Nollywood Actress, Toyin Aimakhu Speechless

The Nollywood actress, Toyin Aimakhu Johnson, is already on her way to the market for baby things as the picture above shows that the actress is heavily pregnant.

The actress who got married last year to fellow actor, Niyi Johnson, has denied various speculations of her being pregnant but was speechless when she was spotted at a recent fashion event held in Lagos.

Toyin, now joins the league of the gig bump actresses like Mercy Johnson, Uche Jombo, who will soon be shading tears of joy.

Well, we wish her safe delivery in due time as she helps to expand the entertainment industry.

Video: Sexy African Girl Corazon Kwamboka Flaunts her MAssive As* In New Video

Voluptuous socialite and Nairobi Model Corazon Kwamboka is well known for flaunting her body. Recently, she was filmed in a parking lot showing off her God-given behind….
Watch and download below..

Last tweets From Komolafe Oludolapo Who Died in the Jos Bombing

She was so passionate about #Bringbackourgirls campaign..She never criticized the government over Boko Haram menace but called on all Nigerians to fight terrorism..She even tweeted about it at length.She was even shocked when she heard of the Nyanya bomb blast.. She was all about God,A die hard Chelsea fan.Yet, she died in the most gruesome manner one wouldn’t wish on an enemy ..Her life has been cut short with her dreams buried and her family left in pain..

Some say God’s time is the best.I just wonder if when God created her and the thousands others who have been killed,he said “This one shall die by Boko Haram “….
What happened to her could happen to anyone..While we beg the government and call on God for an intervention,make your day and each moment on earth count..

RIP to all those who lost their lives…
See more of her touching tweets below

More tweets after the cut...

Mr & Mrs Joseph Yobo Flaunt Their Versace Footwears

Adaeze & Joseph Yobo looked the ultimate sexy couple for a date night in matching footwear. Her to-die-for Versace heels is one of several her hubby gave her..
I think they are one of Nigeria’s sexiest couples....What's your take?

Tonto Dikeh joins the train, shares N*de picture online

Ok N*des is now the trending stuff in this part of the word, Tonto Dikeh has decided to join the maheedah line as she gives us a glimpse of her waist line with the strips of her panties as you can see.. Congrats to Tonto Dikeh and we hope to see more sometime..
See pic after the cut....

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Free Download: Jesse Jagz – Jagz Nation: Royal Niger Company Album

Jesse Jagz returns with a follow up to the critically acclaimed 2013 released Sophomore album; Jagz Nation Vol.1: Thy Nation Come.
The compilation consists of 11 tracks, with samples ranging from the 1983 hit song “Ain’t Nobody – Chaka Khan” to movie clips (Scarface, Johnny Mad Dog) etc and is available for free download.”
Listen to Jagz Nation Vol. 2: Royal Niger Company

I Bless Babies Before Selling Them – ‘Baby Factory’ Operator

Thirty nine-year-old Angela Chidozie, who was arrested last week Friday by men of the Ogun State Police Command at a house she allegedly used as a ‘baby factory’ in Akute area of the state, is currently cooling off at the Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Labour Unit of the command.
She was arrested with eight young girls who are in different stages of pregnancy.
The fair-complexioned lady said that money was not the aim of operating the business.
Chidozie insisted that she was sure none of her patrons bought the babies for ritual purposes.
Asked how she was sure of that, she said, “I study those who come to buy babies from me. When I am sure that they actually want to buy because they are looking for the fruits of the womb, I sell the babies to them.
“It is my job now. I know how to test the women to see if they actually cannot have children. When I see people who come to me for children, I know if they want the babies for ritual purposes or not. I ensure the women come with their husbands.  I don’t sell children to them if they don’t come with their spouses.
“It is not about the money. My concern is just to help the young girls and to help those who want children. This is why I pray on the babies before I hand them over to the buyers. I make sure the babies are okay.”

Checkout Lady Gaga's Bizzare Birthday Outfits

Everything was coming up roses for Lady Gaga's birthday in New York Friday.
After four wacky ensembles, the outlandish pop diva capped off celebrating turning 28 in her 'birthday suit' - preserving her modesty with artfully-placed roses.
The five-time Grammy winner's 14 tattoos and nude thong were on full display under the ultra-sheer bodysuit.
Everything's coming up roses! Lady Gaga capped off celebrating turning 28 in her 'birthday suit' after four other wacky ensembles in New York Friday
Everything's coming up roses! Lady Gaga capped off celebrating turning 28 in her 'birthday suit' after four other wacky ensembles in New York Friday
Gaga - born Stefani Germanotta - was ferried to her concert at Manhattan's Roseland Ballroom in a New York yellow cab adorned with red roses.
'Time to give Roseland the goodbye it deserves, with all the roses in NY!' she tweeted to her 41.1 million followers.
The wig and weave-loving songstress wore a simple skullcap under a sheer red headscarf, which cloaked her entire head.
Birthday suit! The five-time Grammy winner's 14 tattoos and nude thong were on full display under the ultra-sheer bodysuit with only artfully-placed roses to preserve her modesty

I Can’t Waste My Time On El-Rufai, He’s too small – Oritsejafor

President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor in this interview with Ozioma Ubabukoh, bares his mind on controversies surrounding churches, the Boko Haram insurgency and sundry issues
Apart from being a general overseer in your church, you head Nigeria’s highest religious organisation, the Christian Association of Nigeria. How do you feel when people criticise you sometimes on all fronts?
Criticism is part of life. Anybody who does not expect criticism should think again because criticism can actually enhance a man’s capacity to do better. Criticism for me is not a problem. The only thing that is a problem, in my own opinion, is when you are not doing what is called constructive criticism. Disrespectful criticism is also wrong. It is a free world and people are free to criticise. I will also say that as a person, I believe that truth must never be mortgaged. That, perhaps, is one of the things that get me into trouble with some people. If you watch events in Nigeria, and if our Nigerian press would give me credit, they would realise that many things I predicted eventually came to pass exactly the way I said them.
Boko Haram has launched an onslaught on the church for some time now. How do you feel about this?
Boko Haram is an organisation of cowards. If you wish, quote me and print it boldly: Every member of Boko Haram is a coward. Cowards shoot people in the back. Cowards kill children, women and harmless people. They are cowards and I want to recommend that when such people are killed, their flesh should be given to pigs because they are not better than pigs. The cowards also include those who finance the activities of Boko Haram; those who give them moral and logistic supports. Anybody involved in Boko Haram is a coward and a nuisance to himself, to the society and to God whom they say they propagate or proclaim. It is difficult for any rational mind to believe that what they are doing is what God professes. I don’t know the God they are talking about. It is a disgrace to humanity.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Hollywood Philip Seymour Hoffman Dead Of Suspected Heroin Overdose At 46

Oscar winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has been found dead in his Manhattan apartment after an apparent drugs overdose.
Hoffman, who was 46, won the Academy Award for Best actor for the 2005 film, Capote.
The American actor and father of three was found in his bathroom on Sunday morning on the 4th floor of his West Village Apartment according to law enforcement officials with a syringe still sticking out of his arm surrounded by bags of heroin.
Dead at 46: Philip Seymour Hoffman with his Oscar for Capote at the 78th Academy Awards press room, Los Angeles, in 2006
Dead at 46: Philip Seymour Hoffman with his Oscar for Capote at the 78th Academy Awards press room, Los Angeles, in 2006
The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner is to determine exact cause of death - but law enforcement sources speaking to the New York Post have said that a drug overdose is to blame.
The actor was discovered fully clothed in the bathroom of his fourth floor apartment in the Pickwick House around 11:15 am his screenwriter friend David Katz, who called 911 -  and it is believed that the actor's body is still inside.
The news of the death of Hoffman comes just one day after representatives for the actor issued a statement denying he was dead after an internet hoax claimed the star had passed away on Saturday.

Video: Nigerian Celebrities Reacts To The Anti-Gay Bill

What's your take on the anti-Gay Bill passed into law in Nigeria? I think the Nigeria Government is busy curing ring worm instead of curing Leprosy *OweYorubaDigIt*

Photo : Justin Bieber Licks A Strip-per’s Bre-ast With Rapper Friend Khalil In A Strip Club

Here is a photo of Justin and his pal Khalil Sharieff suc-king on one strip-per bre-ast each during a recent party. According to sources with direct knowledge … the strip-per, who came fully-loaded with giant fake bre-asts and a classy rainbow-colored Play-boy tattoo, was hired to “perform” for Justin and his pals during a party at an L.A. recording studio. Looks like Justin and Khalil wanted to get a taste of the action, at the same time, with Bieber taking a love-bite.. See photo after the cut.....18+ Only.........

Wande Coal and Olamide At War

Wande Coal and rap rave of the moment Olamide are currently not on speaking terms. The brouhaha is believed to have started back in late 2012 when Olamide released his YBNL album. On the track titled ‘Picture’, Olamide rapped about not letting his guard down when it comes to interacting with obsessed female fans. ‘Oloso (prostitutes) thinking of how to ruin me, but I know what I’m doing/they want to Wande Coal me, they want to Davido me,’ he rapped. Both Wande Coal and Davido have been involved in controversies over nude/half nude photos purportedly leaked by women. Wande Coal, we are told, was not impressed by Olamide’s reference to the incident.

Man With 107 ATM Cards Arrested By NDLEA At Murtala Mohammed Airport

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency said on Saturday it arrested a man with 107 automated teller machine cards in his possession at the Murtala Mohammed Airport in Lagos.
A statement by NDLEA said its officers discovered the ATM cards in the man’s luggage during the outward screening of passengers travelling to Istanbul, Turkey aboard Turkish Airlines. It was discovered that the man also had two international passports bearing photographs of him, but with different names.

18+ Only: Afrocandy Shares Very Raunchy Bedroom Photos

It's very obvious she wasn't bluffing when she said she has no competition..lol..i’m surprised she hasn’t invited Maheeda to feature in her movie.
See another pic after the cut.......

VIDEO: Wizkid & Legendury Beatz Reveal Plans For 2014

Nigezie caught up with Wizkid and the Legendury Beatz brothers during the video shoot for his Sound Sultan collaboration “Kokose”. The young CEO spills the beans on his eagerly-awaited sophomore album as well as new projects in the pipeline for members of the Starboy Crew.

20yr Old Nigerian Isaac Ojiabo Stabs His Mother To Death In Maryland

A 20 year old Nigerian man, Isaac Anya Ojiabo Jr has reportedly killed his 51 year old mother Joy Ojiabo in Maryland, USA. The young man who has since been arrested by Harford County Sheriff’s Office deputies early Thursday morning was said to have stabbed his mother to death in their home. According to reports, Isaac Anya Ojiabo Jr, who is being charged with first and second degree murder and assault with a deadly weapon, was taken into custody without incident at approximately 4:30 a.m., when detectives canvassing the Forest Hill area located him in his family’s white Lexus SUV.
The police report that the body of Joy Ojiabo was found on the second floor of the family’s home shortly after 5 p.m. Wednesday by her husband, Anya Ojiabo, who was returning home from work.
At that time, the younger Ojiabo was not present at the home. The father called 911 and declined to comment when they arrive.

Free Download: Davido – AYE (Prod. TSpize)

This is the most anticipated single of 2014 thus far. Ladies and Gentlemen, here is #AYE by the Omo Baba Olowo himself, Davido.
AYE is the 4th official single off Davido‘s sophomore album which should be out sometime this year. From the moment you push that play button, you already know this song is a guaranteed hit. In terms of the instrumentals, the melody and lyrics, Davido scores A+ in every department.
“They say love is blind but I dey see am for your eyes o!”

Produced by TSpice [DOWNLOAD]

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Video: Macklemore And Ryan Lewis' Performance At the Grammys

I so Love the music and the message..............'Every man Should be free to Express his affection' ~
'Ur Damn right Articulate support It~

Monday, 27 January 2014

Ritual Killing: Police Arraign Driver For Kidnapping, Stealing

Paul, a driver who was accused of being a kidnapper and ritual killer by a woman in his area, was on Monday, arraigned before a Somolu Magistrate’s Court on two counts of kidnapping and stealing.
It was reported on January 27, 2014 that Tope Ismail, a resident of Anuoluwapo Street Somolu had on Saturday, accosted Paul while he was washing his car outside his home at Sodeke Street, Somolu.
Ismail reportedly raised the alarm and told neighbours that Paul was the driver of a commercial bus that had on January 21, 2014, kidnapped her and about 10 others. The bus, said to have been headed for Yaba, allegedly took a detour to an unknown destination after its occupants became unconscious after boarding the bus.
She allegedly regained consciousness when her captors touched her with an object. Ismail was taken away from the scene soon after; she was the only passenger in the bus who reportedly regained her freedom.
The Onipanu Police Division was alerted by the community development association chairman when it became apparent that Ismail was not ready to let Paul go.
At Court 12, Somolu Magistrate’s Court, curious residents thronged the premises to watch events unfold at Paul’s arraignment.
It was learnt that some residents who were upset that the police failed to investigate Ismail’s claims of ritual killing before taking Paul to court, alerted the Office of the Public Defender. Two lawyers later arrived from the OPD to take matters up on Ismail’s behalf.

Photo: Julius Agwu Poses With Pregnant Ciara

This is what you get when you go where you aren’t noticed, nice photo..
The funny part of the picture is when the photographer tries to capture him with Ciara very well, you no what they say, Opportunity comes but once……….Lol!

Wife Who Gave Husband Her Kidney To Save His Life Wants It Back After He Dumped Her

41 years old loving wife Samantha who saved her husband’s life by giving him one of her kidneys now wants it back after he dumped her.
Her husband Andy Lamb was dying of renal kidney failure and was only being kept alive by weekly sessions of dialysis until his wife Samantha persuaded him to take one of hers.
‘He needed a new kidney or he would die. He was on dialysis three times a week. I told Andy he should go through with it. He had children from an earlier relationship and he wanted to be there for them.’
But Samantha says as soon as she went through with the operation she regretted it. She believed herhusband was cheating on her – first that he was having an affair with her friend Clare. Samantha confronted her friend, Clare confirmed they were having an affair which Andy totally denied.
The couple tried to save their marriage and Samantha gave her husband one more chance but later discovered he was having sex chats online with women.

The couple got married in 2007 but in 2012, Andy finally left his wife. Samantha said:
‘I would definitely go through the operation again – but I wouldn’t give the kidney to him. I hate him. If I could, I’d take it back and give it to someone else.’

Prophet TB Joshua Delivers A Gay Nigerian, Restores Him Back To Being Straight!

A man named Mr Tedus has come out to give his testimony that he has been delivered from the demon which made him gay over the years. During the live broadcast, Mr Tedus, was asked few questions and shared his experience which were posted on the ministry’s Facebook page in a post titled, “Deliverance is the Answer”.
According to him, he felt a spirit entered him some time ago, and shortly after that, he began to have feelings for men. But now that he is delivered, his affection for men has disappeared and now focuses on women.
He concluded by saying; “If you come across someone with the same problem, you should not condemn. The only answer is deliverance.”
Before then, Pastor TB Joshua also said, people shouldn’t fight gays, but the spirit behind them and that is why so many churches today are fighting the wrong battles. His words;
“God loves sinners but hates sin. We should hate the act but not the people – because sinners can be delivered and changed. Sinners can be reformed since our battle is not against the flesh and blood but against the spirit beings that cause these acts”.
T.B. Joshua said, “If we fail to see that there are powers that cause people to be bowed down in bondage, we are fighting the wrong battle. That is why so many churches today are fighting the wrong battle. When you are armed for battle, you will not fight the wrong battle; you will listen to the inner voice of the Holy Spirit. The issue of faith is not an issue of man’s flesh. It is of man’s spirit, not man’s flesh”.

SSS Releases El-Rufai

The State Security Service released the former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Malam Nasir el-Rufai, in the early hours of Tuesday after quizzing the ex-minister for about 15 hours.
El-Rufai, who reported to the SSS Abuja office at about 9.30am on Monday, was released some minutes after midnight.
The bail conditions of the All Progressives Congress chief was not known as of the time of filing this report.
The former minister was summoned by the SSS for what the security agency described as provocative and inciting comments.
El-Rufai was reported to have said there would be violence if the 2015 elections are not free and fair.
The State Security Service on Monday detained a former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Malam Nasir el-Rufai at its headquarters in Abuja.
The SSS operatives detained el-Rufai, who is the interim Deputy Publicity Secretary of the opposition All Progressives Congress, when he reported at their office at about 9.20am in respect of the invitation he received for making “an inciting statement.”
Rivers State Governor Rotimi Amaechi, accompanied by Senator Chris Ngige, drove el-Rufai to the SSS office.
Amaechi said he was mandated by the leadership of the APC to accompany the ex-minister. Other party chieftains, including the APC national secretary, Mr. Tijani Tumsah, who also accompanied el-Rufai, were barred from entering the SSS premises.
One of the ex-minister’s wives and his lawyer were also part of the entourage that went with him to the Maitama office of the secret police.
Amaechi spent about one hour inside the SSS premises before he left. Ngige, who spent about four hours, left the SSS premises around 3pm. An attempt to speak with him by journalists was aborted by SSS operatives who asked everyone to leave the area.
The SSS had invited el-Rufai to its office last Friday over a statement in which he said there would be violence during the 2015 elections.

Tonto Dikeh & Terry G’s Late-night Chat Revealed (Must Read)

What did you expect other than an exchange between ‘crazically’ fit people?
Tonto Dikeh put up a ‘munched’ image of an BlackBerry chat exchange between herself and the Free Madness artiste and producer, Terry G, on Instagram with the latter wondering what Tonto was doing up so late at night.
“Poko wat ar u still doing up dis late won’t u go to bed cause e Don pass ur bed time :p ,” he wrote.
Read Tonto Dikeh’s reply below – it’s crazy we tell you.
Tonto posted this on her Instagram page with a call to her followers to rally round her whenever it goes down on the streets with Terry G.
She said, “Terry g cracking me up lol palz hop u gat ma back if he beat me me o :) #poko”

Photos: Singer Dencia at the Grammys, mistaken for Nicki Minaj

The Cameroonian singer stepped on the Grammy red carpet last night and some people mistook her for US rapper Nicki Minaj. Entertainment Weekly had to do a public announcement letting people know she wasn't Nicki.

Grammy Winner Macklemore Apologies To Kendrick Lamar

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis were nominated for 7 Grammy Awards last night and won 4 - Best New Artist, Best Rap Song, Best Rap Performance and beat Jay Z, Kanye West, Drake & Kendrick Lamar for Best Rap Album.

Many people felt Kendrick should have won Best Rap Album at least and so did Macklemore. After the awards, he apologized to Kendrick for 'robbing' him.....

New Video: D'Prince - Gentleman feat. Davido and Don Jazzy

In Pictures: Grammys 2014, Full List Of Winners

"Random Access Memories" — Daft Punk WINNER
"Good Kid, M.A.A.D City" — Kendrick Lamar
"The Heist" — Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
"Red" — Taylor Swift
Record Of The Year
"Get Lucky" — Daft Punk & Pharrell Williams WINNER
"Radioactive" — Imagine Dragons
"Royals" — Lorde
"Locked Out Of Heaven" — Bruno Mars
"Blurred Lines" — Robin Thicke Featuring T.I. & Pharrell Williams

Scroll Down for More Pictures and Full List of Winners
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