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Free Download: Ice Prince – Aboki (Remix) ft. Sakordie, Mercy Johnson, WizKid, M.I & Khuli Chana

This is the biggest African collabo/collision thus far; correct me if I am wrong please.
Ice Prince gathers heavy weights from Nigeria (M.I, WizKid and Mercy Johnoson), Ghana (Sakordie is Ghana’s Rap king) and South Africa (Khuli Chana is one of the fast rising and respected rappers in SA)
Listen and Enjoy the remix to Aboki.


Wizkid splashes millions on two Rolex watches

Real Rolex watches, NOT fakes or copies cost from around £1,200 upwards. You can now buy Rolex watches with diamonds encrusted all over them. If you have a bank balance big enough :)

'Do not insult our President again', Daniel Wilson writes

Below is what the Ragamuffin star wrote on his Facebook page... 
President Goodluck Jonathan is Commander in Chief of the armed forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, beyond his persona; he is the symbol of the Nigerian state. He is the embodiment of all our yearnings and aspirations. 
I believe that whatever your quarrel is with our president's speech pattern, however disagreeable you find his policies, to whatever extent you feel aggrieved by his leadership, and however incompetent you find his entourage, see to it that you articulate your sentiments and present your argument with civility and respect, and do so with the passion of someone whose love of country is greater than the resentment of its president. 
And dare to go the second mile by letting that same love of our country give you the moral fortitude to defend the image of our president against those who wish to tarnish it more than correct his shortcomings, even if you can't defend his policies. And if you find this hard to do, remember that it is only hard because it is the right thing to do.

Rihanna hits the club in see-through dress

Rihanna hit Eden nightclub in Hollywood last night wearing an entirely see-through dress...

Kim and Khloe Kardashian slam their father's widow

According to Robert Kardashian's widow, Kim K's mum, Kris Jenner, was once a bad mother. Ellen Kardashian told tabloids that she was in possession of a diary belonging to Rob Snr which showed that Kris beat and kicked Kim when she was a child and frequently took her anger out on her daughters. Ellen shared the diary, which was written by Rob Kardashian between 1988-90, with In Touch Weekly this week: 
According to the journals, Jenner would hide out in her bedroom for days at a time to sleep off the effects of hard partying and avoiding her young children. In one entry, dated September 1989, Robert alleges his daughters called him crying numerous times after their mother forgot to pick them up from school because she had left for places like Mexico or Palm Springs with her much younger alleged lover, Todd Waterman. “The whole time she was gone she NEVER asked to talk with her kids,” Rob wrote.
After seeing the report, Kim and Khloe slammed their step mum.


Man still missing after family paid N60,000 ransom

One year after his family paid N60,000 to his kidnappers, Matthew Kuye, a trailer driver at Dikon area of Kirikiri, Lagos is yet to be found.
Kuye, a married man with six children, was last seen at Jimoh Odutola Street, Surulere on January 18, 2012, where he and some of his colleagues had gone to offload containers of goods.
It was learnt that Kuye and his colleagues were told that their vehicles could not be offloaded that evening. He subsequently settled his motor boy for the day and set out for home.
 His son, Israel said, “That was the last time anyone saw him. My mum and siblings tried my father’s number throughout that night but his phone was switched off. I was in Ogun state at the time for my National Youth Service Corps compulsory service.
“My family eventually assumed that he was with his colleagues. It wasn’t until my father’s colleagues called my brother the following morning, asking for his whereabouts that we all realised that something was wrong.
“We made a report at the Bode Thomas Police Division immediately. A week later, my siblings began to receive telephone calls from some strangers who demanded a ransom of N80,000 if we wanted to see my father again.
“They took pains to describe my father’s appearance to my siblings and even our house at Oshodi to convince us that they knew us.
“My elder brother, Samuel, negotiated with the people and they later agreed to collect N60,000 from us.
“My brother did not involve the police in the negotiation because he feared that my father would be killed. Instead, he explained his predicament to the bank. They offered to help, but suggested contacting the police. Samuel declined.
“Eventually, he paid the money but my father was not released the next day as promised.”
A copy of the teller made available to PUNCH Metro showed that Samuel had paid N60,000 to a Mainstream Bank account 0032864210518 with the account name Odewuni Teslim Adewusi on Feburary 8, 2012.
Israel said after several frantic calls to the kidnappers’ phone number, which were ignored, it became clear to the family that they had no intention of releasing Kuye.
The distraught family eventually went back to Bode Thomas police division to update them on the kidnap.
From the information given by the bank, police  traced the owner of the account to a residential address at Ebutte Metta. However, the police was unable to make any arrests because the account holder was said to be an infrequent visitor to the place.
Since then, the family members said they had been living on hope and prayer for the return of their breadwinner.
Israel said, “Initially, the investigative police team communicated with us regularly but that changed as time went on. They stopped answering our calls. When I completed my service in March, I went to MTN head office because the number being used by my father’s kidnappers was an MTN number. I explained my family’s challenge and asked for help in tracing the kidnappers’ location.
“I was told that such information could not be given to an individual, and that I needed the police to step in. I went back to Bode Thomas division and pleaded with them to work with MTN. The policemen there told us not to worry, saying they did not need MTN’s help. They said all they needed was in the bank teller Samuel used in paying money into the kidnappers’ account. That was in March 2012. Since then, we have been stuck. No word from the police or my father’s kidnappers.”
The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Deputy Superintendent of Police Ngozi Braide, said the police were still investigating Kuye’s disappearance.
She said, “Kuye was last seen at Eric Moore. Some persons who claimed to have him in custody called after his disappearance asking for N60,000 which the family paid without the knowledge of the police.
“We believe that some persons, who are known to the family and who want to exploit them, are responsible for Kuye’s disappearance. No kidnapper demands N60,000 as ransom. The police were able to obtain the mandate of the account through the teller used to pay the ransom.
“They traced the address that was provided in the account details and discovered the address to be fake. It was just an uncompleted building in Ebute Metta. However, the police have not lost hope and investigation is still ongoing.”
Punch Nigeria

Ezekwesili queries how Yar’Adua, Jonathan spent $67bn

A former Vice President (Africa), World Bank, Dr. Oby Ezekwesili, has said the Umaru Yar’Adua and President Goodluck Jonathan administrations need to tell Nigerians how they spent the $45bn left in the foreign reserves account and $22bn in the Excess Crude Account by the former President Olusegun Obasanjo administration.
Ezekwesili, who was a former Minister of Solid Minerals and Education under Obasanjo, said at the convocation lecture of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, on Thursday, that Nigerians had lost dignity because of ravaging poverty arising from poor choices of the elite, corruption and lack of investment in education.
Noting that the country had enjoyed five cycles of oil boom, she decried the failure to convert oil income to renewable assets through training of human capital, development of other sectors and investment in foreign assets as other resource-rich countries did with their oil income.
Ezekwesili, a founding director of Transparency International, said, “The present cycle of boom of the 2010s is, however, much more vexing than the other four that happened in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000s.
“This is because we are still caught up in it and it is more egregious than the other periods in revealing that we learned absolutely nothing from the previous massive failures.”
The former minister lamented the “squandering of the significant sum of $45bn in the foreign reserves account and another $22bn in the Excess Crude Account being direct savings from increased earnings from oil that the Obasanjo administration handed over to the successor government in 2007.”
She said, “Six years after the administration I served handed over such humongous national wealth to another one, most Nigerians, especially the poor, continue to suffer the effects of failing public health and education systems as well as decrepit infrastructure and battered institutions.
“One cannot but ask what exactly does symbolise with this level of brazen misappropriation of public resources? Where did all that money go?
“Where is the accountability for the use of both these resources and the additional several hundred dollars realised from oil sale by the two administrations that have governed our nation in the last five years? How were these resources applied, or more appropriately misapplied? Tragic choices.”
Ezekwesili asked the graduating students of UNN and other young people to become the turning point generation of young and educated Nigerians willing to make the right choices by serving or having a say in political affairs of the country.
She said sorting out the “Nigerian political mess” was critical as there was a strong correlation between politics and economic development.
According to her, university graduates account for 4.3 per cent of Nigeria’s youthful population in 2012, a slight increase from the three per cent when she graduated in 1985.
“This compares unfavourably with opportunity for university education in other countries put at 37.5 per cent in Chile; 33.7 per cent for Singapore; 28.2 per cent for Malaysia; and 16.5 per cent for Brazil,” she said.
Punch Nigeria

The Secret Life of Nice Guys

I want to take the discussion in a serious direction for a minute. There was an awful piece of news on the wire today: a man walked into a ladies’ fitness class and started randomly shooting. He killed three women and injured many others before killing himself.The media quickly found an online diary that suggested his reasoning behind the massacre: he couldn't find a girlfriend, and he blamed women.
Actually, he blamed the world for his problems: women, his family, his boss. Really, looking at his writings, he was in need of professional mental help. But a recurring theme in his diary was that he saw himself as a normal, “nice guy.” Not once in his diary did he stop to think he could change his results by doing something differently. By trying something new. Very sad for all concerned.
My point in going there is that I've seen flashes of anger in many men — ironically, always the “nice guys” — because they blame their loneliness on women (“they all just want a ‘bad boy’ who’ll treat them badly”).
"Your Friends Are Supposed to Be Nice to You" Part of this issue is conventional wisdom: Be nice. Just be yourself. Show you care. The problem is when niceness becomes neediness, being yourself becomes not growing, and showing you care means heaping giant gobs of suffocating sugar on the one you want. TV and movies show the nice guy winning, because it’s what we want to see — we don’t get to see them years down the line, when the nice guy won’t leave the house without his special one, won’t let her go anywhere without him, and won’t try anything in bed that isn’t mom-approved.
Your friends will tell you you’re awesome and any woman should be honored to be with you, because they’re your friends, they’re supposed to be nice to you, and they get uncomfortable when you’re unhappy. Your female friends won’t suggest that what backfired about your last date is that you wore a suit and brought a bouquet of roses to a first meeting at Starbucks. They’ll tell you “it’s romantic, she just wasn’t worthy.” And your guy friends usually don’t know enough to be much help, aside from buying you a beer. So with both the media and your friends telling you that being a nice guy is super awesome and absolutely nothing’s wrong with your approach, the problem must be with the women, right?
"Own Your Stuff"  When was the last time you were brutally honest with yourself about what you must improve? When was the last time you sat down in a quiet room, or a quiet outdoor setting, cleared your mind and just listened to the wind? When was the last time you made a full effort to see yourself as someone else does? I have a saying I use with my friends: “everyone’s got their stuff.” Your stuff is your issues, our baggage, from childhood and beyond. Something someone said to us that was awful but we took it to heart, or something we know we do wrong yet we keep on doing it, or a security blanket we just can’t give up. The important thing here is that no matter where you picked it up, it’s your stuff. You can keep it or reject it. Sometimes it’s hard to reject it — there’s zero shame in getting help with that, whether it’s someone like me or a psychologist or dream analyst. If you can’t deal with your stuff, you have no right to expect to bring it into a relationship. When you’re happy with yourself, when you have a manageable level of stuff, and when you can love and respect yourself, then it’s time to start thinking about a relationship.
"Dating is an Efficient Market"  In days gone by, we often didn’t leave our small towns. If we dated or got married, it had to be within the relatively small pool of women where we lived. Maybe there were far more men, meaning you either lost out to some other guy or had to “settle” for whoever you could get. Or maybe there were far more women, and all you had to do to get a date was to say “yes” when asked. That’s the way it was and you liked it. In marketing terms, the market was inefficient. The product — you — often sold for far more or less than it was worth. Now there are online dating sites featuring thousands of members, Meetup groups and mix-n-mingle events in every city. There are matchmakers with hundreds of women in their portfolios. You can meet a woman in your town, or New York City, or Miami, or Belfast or Sydney. The market is now efficient, especially within a country like the US. If millions of women reject you, I can assure you the problem is not with your customers. If your product isn’t selling, you have two options: Improve your product. Work on your marketing. The obvious best choice here is to improve your product; that is, improve yourself. Get out into the world, become more fit, better dressed and groomed, more social, and build confidence. The upside is incredible and goes far beyond dating, while the downside is next to zero. Start meditating. Learn some basic “pickup” skills and practice them. On the other hand, if you’re trying to date the old-fashioned way, you’re not using your full market. Take some classes, go to mingling events and Meetups. Sign up for or Plenty Of Fish—I can help you there with some online dating tips.
"Stop Being Nice, Start Being Great" If you take away anything from this article, it should be this: being “nice” isn’t enough. Let me tell you something else about me: I am, and have always, had the qualities of a “nice guy.” When I was a teenager, those were most of the qualities I had, as evidenced by the girls I dated who realized I was “too good” for them (recognize that rejection?). But over the years I’ve also developed skills and talents beyond “niceness” that make me what I am now. I’m comfortable in my own skin; I can get out of my comfort zone. I interact with women I like in ways that let them know I have high value, like teasing and not putting up with “games.” I am not a “nice guy.” I’m a complex, multifaceted guy who also happens to be nice. I take responsibility for my life and my happiness. That’s what women want — and what you should give them. Because it’s also a gift to yourself.

Actress, Lepa Shandy Delivers Baby Girl

Actress, Folashade Omoniyi Adewale, popularly known as Lepa Shandy, has been delivered of a baby girl.
The child, as a source disclosed, was given birth to some days and the parents are greatly joyed at the bundle of joy that came into their family.

Lepa Shandy and her hubby, Adedayo David Adewale, who is an indigene of Ogun State, already have a son together.
We learnt that the mother and child are in good condition.

Police Arrests Bisi Komolafe's Husband Over Property

The family of late actress, Bisi Komolafe have used the police to arrest and detain Tunde Ijaduola for failure to return the properties of the late actress.

MetroNews exclusively gathered that Tunde was arrested on Tuesday at his family house in Epe and was brought to State Anti Robbery Squad office in Ikeja where he is currently cooling off as a guest.
It could be recalled that the family of the late actress have been at war with Tunde after the death of the actress over her properties which they believe are in possession of Tunde.
Last week,he returned the Honda Pilot car to her Ikorodu house but still took a Tv set which he claimed was his inheritance from his late dad.

PHOTOS: Chris Brown's Ex Poses Nude For Magazine

We are not sure of the state of affairs between Karrueche Tran and her rival Rihanna, but it seems that Miss Tran is following in Rihanna’s wild footsteps. Miss Tran recently posed nudé, Rihanna style, for Rolling out magazine.
Rihanna recently posed nudé for GQ magazine and Karrueche determined not to be undone has followed suit.  Miss Tran recently launched her clothing line called ‘The Kill’

NYSC Member Builds Healthcare Facility Worth N3.9 Million In Abuja

In order to reduce maternal mortality rate, a member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) serving in Kwali area council of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Dr. Okeke Kanayo, has built a healthcare centre in Fula community of the council.

The health centre, valued at N3.9 million has five rooms including a consulting room, waiting room, nurses’ station, dispensary room, emergency and recovery room.
Speaking at the commissioning of the project on Wednesday, Kanayo said he embarked on the project as a way of helping to reduce incidents of maternal mortality in the council.
According to him, health centre would bring some respite to people of the community who often had to embark on a long journey before having access to health care facilities.
The Chairman of the council, Mr. Joseph Shazin Kwali, who was represented by the supervisory councillor for Works and Housing, Mr Danjuma Dauda, commissioned the project. He assured the community that the project would be sustained on the long run.
“I am aware that this same corps member has been involved in several medical out reaches particularly in the deworming of school children and distribution of mosquito treated nets in
various communities since the commencement of his primary assignment in the council. I promise
him, the entire people of Fuka and its environs that the clinic will be put to good use.”
Shazin offered immediate employment to the corps member after the completion of his NYSC and as well recommended him for an award.
The Chief of Ashara, Alhaji Saliu Husseini said, “This community is located in the interior and our challenge here has been to travel for two or more hours to be able to get to Kwali town to seek medical services. With this clinic, I am very sure
the problem will be addressed and my appeal to Kwali area council is to expedite action in ensuring that full operation commences at the clinic.”
The Area Council promises to equip the clinic, but already some hospital equipment have been donated by some hospitals, NGOs and individuals. The Clinic will be set to attend to the health care needs of the community soon after the commission.

PHOTOS: Sexy Pictures Of Rapper, Eva Alordiah

Rapper, Eva Alordiah continues to show her flexibility is not confined to the studio; she’s running things in front of the camera too.
She recently teamed up with photographer, Obi Somto and a mannequin to pull off some curvy looks for her soon to be released track, Mannequin.

Enthrone Credible Leadership In NANS – Okorocha

Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State has advised the National Association of Nigerian Students to enthrone a credible leadership to make it more formidable and relevant.
Okorocha gave the advice on Thursday when a delegation of the association paid him a visit at the Government House, Owerri.
He said NANS used to be a factor of change and a force to reckon with in the country because of the credibility its leadership enjoyed.
The governor regretted that NANS had not harnessed its potential in recent years.
He said leadership problems had bedeviled the association, denying it the opportunity to live up to expectations.
Okorocha urged the current leadership of NANS to repackage the association so that the country could make the best out of its existence.
He said the association had, in the recent past, been led by people who were obsessed about what they could get out of governance, instead of what they could put into it.
Speaking earlier, the Chairman of NANS’ 27th Inaugural Lecture Committee, Mr. Daniel Onjeh, had said the purpose of the visit was to strengthen the relationship between the governor and the association.
Also speaking, the NANS President, Yinka Gbadebo, said the association was identifying with the governor because of his philanthropy and achievements in governance.
Punch Nigeria

I’ve Had Enough Of Limelight – Chichi of Africa

Children loved her. Her music videos enjoyed generous air-play. She travelled all over the world and parents wished their wards could be Chichi of Africa.
But just like some of her contemporaries, Tosin Jegede and Ijeoma Mouka, the University of Lagos, History graduate faded off the scene at a time when much was expected from her. Her excuse? Things took a different turn after a failed record deal.
Catching up with the artiste, real name Chibuzo Mercy-Idowu, whose last public performance was six years ago, for a chat, turned out to be an eye-opening experience.
Now in her 30s, Chichi has, no doubt, lost the innocent face which has since been replaced with a mature and confident mien. Like many stars of her time, the leggy singer, who was born into a family of singers and began singing at age seven, owes the success of her music career to her late father.
Comparing the industry today to her time, she starts off by saying, “Life is a lot easier now for child stars, when compared to my time where a lot of older artistes felt threatened that we (kids) had come to take their shine. My dad was very involved in my career at that time, and I had issues with that because I thought he was too harsh on me, but today, I am glad because his actions have made me dogged.
“It is easier now for any child star because anyone can walk up to a station and get them to play their music, if it is good. I really pray for this generation and hope that parents can be dedicated to their wards that are into showbiz.”
With six albums to her credit and another which is yet to see the light of day, the mother of two admits that she never ever watches any of her past music videos.
“I was extremely skinny as a child and those are sights I don’t want to remember (laughing); and it all feels silly today when I look back and compare videos now with what we had back then,” she says.
On what became of her proposed music comeback a few years back, Chichi simply blames it on a failed record deal.
“It all began to fade off around the time I had a deal with Femi Aderibigbe, a.k.a Kwame. I felt he had so much on his plate so he could not concentrate on the label any more. Next Level Record label just melted away and that was when I went into a hole because all of my efforts that period were sort of wasted.
“I had songs with Don Jazzy and D’banj — songs we had recorded in London. I did some songs with Jeremiah Gyang and Sheyman, contained in an album that was never pushed out. After the Next Level thing, I went into a hole. I always tell people that I am looking for inspiration. All this happened in 2006,” she recollects
While the incident did leave quite an impression on her, Chichi says she is not giving up yet, as she prepares to launch her way back into our hearts. And if you expect to see a Chichi playing Hip Hop or going commercial, then you are in for a surprise.
“I am not looking to do the upbeat song that everybody is doing; neither am I down with the commercial or upbeat. I am not doing music because I want to follow the trend. I want people to listen to my music and appreciate it the way it should be done because that is my selling point.
“You should see a mature me with regard to my music. You have listened to me as a child, now it should be better. I have plans to record an album this year. The comedian, Owen Gee, and I are very good family friends and he has been harassing me; ditto for my husband, to go back to music. This year, I want to record fresh songs.”
Growing up in the public eye can be difficult for some child stars. There is the pressure that comes with being ‘different’ from peers, constant scrutiny from the media and fans alike. And just when you are about to rejoice upon hearing the cheering news, she drops a shocker.
“I think I have seen too much of the limelight and I am not interested in it anymore. Today, I just go to events with my husband. Nowadays, I sneak in; if it is possible I sit at the back, then quietly disappear. I like it quiet. It might be a bit difficult to go back to that time when I was in front of the klieg lights.”
When she is not busy attending to the family and enjoying her job in an events company, Chichi says, she derives pleasure grooming her fashion and jewelry business. And her answer to the question on if any of her kids is taking after her?
“My first born is four years and the second is two. They know I used to sing and sing. My mum has played the last album for them but the senior one seems to sing and make up songs for my mum. If she wants to go professional, so be it.”

Source: Punch Nigeria

Photo: Kanye West Buys Kim Kardashian $100,000 Cartier Bracelets

Kanye West just showered his classless baby mama, Kim Kardashian with over $100,000 worth of Cartier bracelets.

Kim Kardashian the woman who is known for laying on her back in a sex tape, was so excited about her recent gift that she posted a photo on her Instagram with the caption, “the Don strikes again! #SoLucky!!!”
First up is the famous Love bracelet in yellow gold with pave diamonds throughout. The bangle set West back a whopping $37,700 but that didn’t slow down his shopping spree one bit.
Kardashian also received a yellow gold Panthere bracelet complete with onyx and emeralds for a staggering $29,000 – and that’s the price of the bracelet without diamonds.
Finally, West surprised Kardashian, 32, with a stunning oversized Juste un Clou bracelet – the brand’s latest design masterpiece that retails for $36,000.

Star Actress Yvonne Okoro Goes Wild

Actress Yvonne Okoro has finally come out of her shelves to show her wild side.

The "4Play" actress who is usually seen as a very reserved person has stepped out to show the world that she can also be equally sexy and hot as any other female celebrity.

Yvonne who is well endowed with heavy 'milk bags', shocked everybody on the red carpet at the just ended eighth edition of African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) in Lagos on Sunday April 22 2012, when she appeared in a black straight dress giving a full cleavage view. also came across some current pictures of the actress looking very hot and sexy.

Yvonne was nominated for the top award for "Best Actress In Leading Role" with the movie "Single Six" alongside Nigerian actresses Nse Ikpe Etim, Rita Dominic, Uche Jombo, Millicent Makheido, Kudzai Sevenzo-Nyarai and her Ghanaian colleague Ama K. Abebrese in the same category.
Even though she couldn't win the award, she deserves to be crowned the sexiest actress of the night, as really left lasting memories at the awards with her vivid fashion statement.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Jonathan Felicitates With Muslims On Eid-El-Maulud

President Goodluck Jonathan has felicitated with all Nigerians, especially Muslims, as they celebrate Eid-el-Maulud, which commemorates the birth of Prophet Mohammed.
In a message released in Abuja on Wednesday to mark the occasion, the president urged all true believers in the Prophet’s divine message to continue to pray for peace in all parts of the country and resolve to do more to support ongoing efforts by the Federal Government and its security agencies to ensure safety of life and property in Nigeria.
He also called on them to offer special prayers for the officers and men of Nigeria’s security agencies at home and abroad “who are working very hard, days and nights, and sometimes making the supreme sacrifice for the security of the country and all who live in it.”
In the same vein, the President urged Muslim faithfuls to remember the Emir of Kano, Alhaji Ado Bayero and members of his family in their prayers and pray for their speedy recovery from the trauma of last week’s attack, and the peaceful repose of the souls of those who sadly lost their lives in the despicable assault on an icon of the institution of traditional rulership in the country.
He enjoined all Muslims in the country to seize the opportunity of the Eid-el-Maulud celebrations to re-dedicate themselves to doing their best to live up to the ideals of honesty, selflessness, tolerance, good neighbourliness, justice, equity and fairness, which the Prophet preached and exemplified.
On behalf of himself, his family and the Federal Government, President Jonathan wished all Nigerians happy Eid-el- Maulud celebrations.

See The Man Who Can Carry Buckets Of Water With His Eyelids

Wang Xianxiang carries two buckets of water with his eyelids during a provincial festival for migrant workers in Shaodong County, Hunan province, Saturday.

“The 42-year-old fireworks maker from the central Chinese province of Hunan was photographed last weekend performing his signature trick: Suspending two water buckets with a combined weight of 9 pounds on plastic hangers hooked to his eyelids for a minute.

Wang says he is hoping to increase the amount of weight he can carry with his eyelids.

Wang entertained local migrant workers at a provincial festival near his hometown of Liuyang Saturday.

“When I first started it was extremely painful,” Wang told NBC News about his unique talent, “but after a lot of practice it’s just uncomfortable today.”

Among other talents he’s developed for the show? Having two men wrap a metal wire tightly around his neck while he talks to the audience, which he says has been in the thousands.

Wang, who is married with two children, said he has been doing his eyelid trick for five to six years and started doing it purely out of boredom.

But as he increased the weight on his eyelids, he started to train – practicing for 30 minutes each morning and two hours at night.

Wang’s family initially frowned upon his hobby, but slowly came around as his stature grew within the community.

When asked what his aspirations for the future were, Wang kept it simple. “I can currently hold 4.5 pounds on each eyelid, I’d like to push that to 11 pounds per eyelid.”

He was optimistic that he could accomplish that eye-popping feat by the end of the year


No Revolution Is Going To Take Place In This Country – Bishop Matthew Kukah

Contrary to the general perception that a revolution is imminent in Nigeria, the Roman Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Monsignor Matthew Hassan Kukah, has dismissed such predictions saying the reasons that may lead to it are also the nation’s source of strength.
He made this known in Abuja yesterday while speaking at the 10th Daily Trust Dialogue with the theme “Nation Building: Challenges and Reality” at the Transcorp Hilton 
Bishop Kukah said: “I have been listening to what people are saying about revolution. But I can tell you very frankly that no revolution is going to take place in this country. The reasons are many and the reasons are very difficult to find. That is why we are where we are today because those reasons are the sources of our strength”.
On the country’s leadership, which according to him has been by accident since Independence, Bishop Kukah said: “There was a paper I presented I think about six months ago and I identified that from Alhaji Tafawa Balewa right through to President Goodluck Jonathan, that somehow every Nigerian Head of State or president came to power simply or purely by accident. Their good luck may have been our bad luck, but that’s a different matter. But the point needs to be underscored because it is important for our understanding how we might begin to recruit leadership in a way and manner that can guarantee us a future.”
The highly respected clergy man also dismissed the notion which seems to suggest that every president that has ruled Nigeria is a criminal. He said Nigerians should appreciate their leaders as they are not entirely bad because “If you take Obasanjo, if you take Babangida, everybody didn’t do anything. It is not true. What are the things that this person did well, let us at least identify even if it is one.”
He therefore called on Nigerians to appreciate democracy in spite of its imperfections because not every transition from dictatorship leads to democracy.

Heroic: Police Rescue Stolen Baby

A nine-month-old girl, Funke Alabi, who was allegedly stolen at Oke-Ola Oro, Kwara State by her mother’s friend, identified simply as Shade, has been rescued in Ibadan, Oyo State.
The Kwara State Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Olufemi Fabode, on Wednesday said Funke was kidnapped by Shade last Friday, (January 18) at her mother’s residence.
He stated that Shade had visited Funke’s mother, Muyiwa, on the guise
of a reunion as they met last about two years ago.
He explained that Muyiwa, who was happy to be reunited with her friend, went to the kitchen to prepare food for her.
The PPRO said, “When she (Muyiwa) came back from the kitchen, Shade later was nowhere to be found, while her nine-month-old baby was also missing.
“When Muyiwa did not see both Shade and Funke, she raised the alarm and later reported the matter at the Oro Divisional Police Office.”
Acting on an intelligence report, the police went to Oranmiyan Area of Ibadan and rescued the baby, Funke, who was in the custody of an old woman said to be a relative of the suspect.
Fabode said, “Shade had informed the old woman and her neighbours that she gave birth to Funke. The old woman and her neighbours believed her since she had not been seen for a very long time.”
The PPRO added the police was on the trail of the fleeing Shade.
He said the baby had been released to an elated Mayowa and some of her family members.
“We released the girl today (Wednesday) to the family members. They were very happy and appreciated the police,” Fabode said.

See How Using Hands-Free While Driving Can Cause Blindness

We all know making phone calls while driving could distract a driver from his driving, and this has led to many road accidents in Nigeria. It is an offence therefore to put a phone to your ear to make or receive calls while driving, and Nigeria’s Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC doesn’t take the offence lightly. Drivers have therefore resulted to the use of handsfree while driving to ensure they are in line with road traffic laws.
A leading UAE psychologist has however said that the use of hands-free sets could lead to “attentional blindness” among drivers and many accidents.
Dr Taha Amir, UAE University professor of psychology, said there is a “mistaken belief” that the use of hands-free mobile phones while driving reduces road mishaps compared to using handheld mobile phones.
In the latest issue of The UAE Psychologist, a bi-annual newsletter, he cited research which shows that conversing with a hands-free mobile phone is a cause of “significant distraction” and is much more distracting than conversing with a fellow passenger.
Attentional blindness is defined as a result of a process that consumes significantly more “attentional resources” than deciphering natural sounds received in a face-to-face conversation.
“Some people think that since using hands-free does not engage sight, one can focus on the road while using it. But this is not true. Our research shows that the cause of distraction is the process of deciphering degraded sound conveyed over the mobile phone.”
Dr Amir said their experimental study was run in the psychology lab of the UAE University in Al Ain and involved 244 male and female subjects (aged 19 to 60). Their conclusion: Using hands-free mobile while driving results in “attention trade-off”, with potentially disastrous consequences.
“This study shows that attention is a limited capacity reservoir,” Dr Amir said. “When two tasks, like driving and conversing over the phone, compete for attentional resources, they ‘trade-off’. If one takes more, the other takes less,” he explained.
Dr Amir told Dubai XPRESS that even a hands-free conversation while driving must be totally avoided “because engaging in a conversation on a mobile phone while operating a vehicle is very risky. It is good that there is a law against this practice. But the media should raise public awareness.”
Dr Amir said that sounds carried over wireless telephones are severely degraded as they go though many stages of manipulation before being transmitted.
“Sound [transmitted over phone networks] is sampled. These samples are converted to a digital stream of ones and zeros. This stream of bits is then modulated to be squeezed into a very narrow frequency slice to be transmitted.”
He said that the degradation of the sounds conveyed through phones is obvious when somebody tries to spell a word over the phone. For example, if somebody wanted to spell the word “tide” over the phone, the person would say tango for the letter ‘T’, India for the letter ‘I’, delta for the letter ‘D’, and echo for the letter ‘E’.
“Obviously the person does not need to do this if he is talking with the other person face to face,” he said.
Driving requires both sensation and perception. Sensation is registering a signal (image, sound, chemical, etc) in specialised neurons or nerve cells in a sense organ (the eye, ear, nose, etc). Registering a light signal in the neurons of the eye is not enough for “seeing” as the signal needs to be perceived — organised and interpreted — to be meaningful and useable.”
For perception to take place, attentional resources are needed. This, however, will not be available if this person is not only engaged in a phone conversation but is also deciphering degraded sounds. Since this process consumes a lot of a person’s attentional resources, it leaves very little for the road ahead.
In Nigeria, more awareness should centre on why it is very important for drivers to be very attentive when driving as this can greatly reduce road accidents.
A telecommunications giant in Nigeria runs an advert where a lady calls a man and he replies with “I can’t talk. I’m driving. Send a text.” Well, the advert didn’t say if the man intends to read the text later or he was going to read it immediately it comes in; they got us there. Whatever the advert means, it is very important for drivers to try as much as possible not to engage in activities that could distract them from the road while driving.
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