Saturday, 29 March 2014

Free Download: Jesse Jagz – Jagz Nation: Royal Niger Company Album

Jesse Jagz returns with a follow up to the critically acclaimed 2013 released Sophomore album; Jagz Nation Vol.1: Thy Nation Come.
The compilation consists of 11 tracks, with samples ranging from the 1983 hit song “Ain’t Nobody – Chaka Khan” to movie clips (Scarface, Johnny Mad Dog) etc and is available for free download.”
Listen to Jagz Nation Vol. 2: Royal Niger Company

I Bless Babies Before Selling Them – ‘Baby Factory’ Operator

Thirty nine-year-old Angela Chidozie, who was arrested last week Friday by men of the Ogun State Police Command at a house she allegedly used as a ‘baby factory’ in Akute area of the state, is currently cooling off at the Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Labour Unit of the command.
She was arrested with eight young girls who are in different stages of pregnancy.
The fair-complexioned lady said that money was not the aim of operating the business.
Chidozie insisted that she was sure none of her patrons bought the babies for ritual purposes.
Asked how she was sure of that, she said, “I study those who come to buy babies from me. When I am sure that they actually want to buy because they are looking for the fruits of the womb, I sell the babies to them.
“It is my job now. I know how to test the women to see if they actually cannot have children. When I see people who come to me for children, I know if they want the babies for ritual purposes or not. I ensure the women come with their husbands.  I don’t sell children to them if they don’t come with their spouses.
“It is not about the money. My concern is just to help the young girls and to help those who want children. This is why I pray on the babies before I hand them over to the buyers. I make sure the babies are okay.”

Checkout Lady Gaga's Bizzare Birthday Outfits

Everything was coming up roses for Lady Gaga's birthday in New York Friday.
After four wacky ensembles, the outlandish pop diva capped off celebrating turning 28 in her 'birthday suit' - preserving her modesty with artfully-placed roses.
The five-time Grammy winner's 14 tattoos and nude thong were on full display under the ultra-sheer bodysuit.
Everything's coming up roses! Lady Gaga capped off celebrating turning 28 in her 'birthday suit' after four other wacky ensembles in New York Friday
Everything's coming up roses! Lady Gaga capped off celebrating turning 28 in her 'birthday suit' after four other wacky ensembles in New York Friday
Gaga - born Stefani Germanotta - was ferried to her concert at Manhattan's Roseland Ballroom in a New York yellow cab adorned with red roses.
'Time to give Roseland the goodbye it deserves, with all the roses in NY!' she tweeted to her 41.1 million followers.
The wig and weave-loving songstress wore a simple skullcap under a sheer red headscarf, which cloaked her entire head.
Birthday suit! The five-time Grammy winner's 14 tattoos and nude thong were on full display under the ultra-sheer bodysuit with only artfully-placed roses to preserve her modesty

I Can’t Waste My Time On El-Rufai, He’s too small – Oritsejafor

President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor in this interview with Ozioma Ubabukoh, bares his mind on controversies surrounding churches, the Boko Haram insurgency and sundry issues
Apart from being a general overseer in your church, you head Nigeria’s highest religious organisation, the Christian Association of Nigeria. How do you feel when people criticise you sometimes on all fronts?
Criticism is part of life. Anybody who does not expect criticism should think again because criticism can actually enhance a man’s capacity to do better. Criticism for me is not a problem. The only thing that is a problem, in my own opinion, is when you are not doing what is called constructive criticism. Disrespectful criticism is also wrong. It is a free world and people are free to criticise. I will also say that as a person, I believe that truth must never be mortgaged. That, perhaps, is one of the things that get me into trouble with some people. If you watch events in Nigeria, and if our Nigerian press would give me credit, they would realise that many things I predicted eventually came to pass exactly the way I said them.
Boko Haram has launched an onslaught on the church for some time now. How do you feel about this?
Boko Haram is an organisation of cowards. If you wish, quote me and print it boldly: Every member of Boko Haram is a coward. Cowards shoot people in the back. Cowards kill children, women and harmless people. They are cowards and I want to recommend that when such people are killed, their flesh should be given to pigs because they are not better than pigs. The cowards also include those who finance the activities of Boko Haram; those who give them moral and logistic supports. Anybody involved in Boko Haram is a coward and a nuisance to himself, to the society and to God whom they say they propagate or proclaim. It is difficult for any rational mind to believe that what they are doing is what God professes. I don’t know the God they are talking about. It is a disgrace to humanity.
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