Thursday, 28 February 2013

Breaking News!!! Musician Damino Damoche Shot Dead: Viewers Discretion advised

I got an email from a BCN reader that the popular lagos based musician Olaniyan Damilola Ibrahim Popular Known As Damino Damoche Aka The Obotoche Master was shot dead today the 28th of February  2013. Some said his killing was as a result of a retaliation from a rival cult group, he was shot dead at the Lagos State University gate this afternoon. He was a final year banking and finance student at LASU.
Details will be updated later. May his soul rest in peace. 
 Below is a picture of him earlier today posing with a fan before he met his untimely death

Olaniyan Damilola Ibrahim Popular Known As Damino Damoche Aka The Obotoche Master Is A Popular Dancehall Act and came into lime light with his Hit Track Obotoche and Obotoche Remix,He has been in the industry for some years back…He dropped his first album sometimes around August 2011,Which was titled – DAMINO DAMOCHE.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Nigerians will soon enjoy regular electricity supply – Elumelu

The Chief Executive Officer, Transcorp/Woodrock, the consortium that won the bid for Ugheli Power Plc, Mr. Tony Elumelu, on Thursday said with the signing of transaction and industry agreements for the Power Holding Company of Nigeria’s successor companies, the stage was set for the citizens to enjoy uninterrupted power supply.
Elumelu spoke with State House correspondents shortly after his firm, which emerged the preferred bidder for the Ugheli plant, signed a Power Purchase Agreement with the Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading Company Plc.
The NBET signed similar agreements with five other firms in respect to Geregu Power Plc, Sapele Power Plc, Kainji Hydro Electric Plc, Shiroro Hydro Electric Plc and Egbin Power Plc.
“Today is a very significant day for Nigeria, significant because this is the issue of public-private partnership in action. The government of President Goodluck Jonathan promised Nigerians that they will have power, let there be light and with what we are doing today, there is going to be light,” Elumelu said.
He said it was his firm’s conviction that once the country could get its power sector right, economic and social development would follow.
“We believe that power is so significant for the economic development of the country; not only economy, but also social development of the country. When we get power right, it will lead to the development of Nigeria’s economy and will touch the society in so many other areas,” he added.

Punch Ng

Man accused of buying human hair escapes lynching

What exactly will make a man go from a salon to salon collecting people’s hair in exchange for money?
This is a question that only a 60-year-old man, Adewale Okunade, a landlord of a house on Segun Olatunji Street, Ijoko, Ota, Ogun State, has its answer.
Okunade, who hails from Oyo State, narrowly escaped being lynched on Thursday when some people in the neighbourhood pounced on him.
They alleged that the hair was being taken to an herbalist in Cotonou, Republic of Benin, who uses it to prepare charms for him.
Some people said they found Okunade’s behaviour bizarre, insisting that there was more to his action.
It was gathered that the man had been in the business for some years but nemesis caught up with him on the fateful day when his ‘business partner’, a bricklayer, gave him away.
An executive member of the Community Development Association said Okunade allegedly confessed that he had been buying human hair.
According to the CDA executive, the victim said he had been using the hair to cure himself of festering sores on his leg.
He said the suspect denied the hair was meant for rituals, saying he used to take the hair to an herbalist to prepare concoctions for his sores.
He said many traditional medicine practitioners who were there when Okunade was apprehended, said human hair could only be used for rituals not for curing sores.
He said, “The suspect’s partner had gone to a barber in their neighbourhood to buy some hair. The barber, however, refused. The suspect sent his partner to go to the barber’s apprentice.
“When they got to the apprentice, he agreed, but unknown to them that the barber was monitoring their movement. The barber decided to lay ambush for them.
“When he (barber) saw them with a cellophane bag, he raised the alarm and  many people in the neighbourhood were drawn to the scene. By the time they checked the contents in the bag, they saw plenty of human hair.
“That was how the community pounced on his partner and started questioning him about the source of the hair. It was in the course of that the partner said it was Okunade who sent him.
“The people moved to Okunade’s house but he was not around. When he came back and people related the incident to him, he left the community the following day.
“By the time he came back, he thought the residents would have forgotten about the incident, but when they saw him, they mobbed him. It was then he explained that he had sores on his leg that refused to heal and that he had been curing them with concoction mixed with human hair.
“The community, not satisfied with his explanation, decided to hand him over to the police at Sango Police Station.”
Another resident, who craved anonymity, said, “We have yet to come to terms with his pedestrian explanation. As for us, he is not saying the whole truth.
“We learnt that he pays between N200,000 and N300,000 for each consignment of hair. You can see that his explanation lacks the essential elements of truth. I am also amazed that human hair has become a cure for sores.”
The spokesman for Ogun State Police Command, Mr. Muyiwa Adejobi, said the story was twisted by the community.
He said the suspect had only solicited for hair because of his festering sores.
Adejobi said, “The story was not like that. The man (Okunade) has a sore and he said he needed human hair to cure the sore. He had not gotten the hair; he only solicited. The community just raised the alarm which resulted in the man’s car being vandalised.
“He reported to the police that his car was being vandalised and that they wanted to kill him. That was how the police mediated to avoid the man being lynched.”

Twitter rant: Shut up, Taribo tells Osaze

Former Nigeria defender, Taribo West, slammed West Brom forward, Osaze Odemwingie, for his comments on the state of the country’s ex-internationals, saying the player should focus on his career rather than using social network site, Twitter, to ‘abuse’ his elders.
Osaze twitted that football administrators had failed to “treat former internationals right” citing late striker Rashidi Yekini, Femi Opabunmi and Taribo as examples.
“Yekini, (may his soul RIP) our legend died in poverty…Femi Opabunmi lost his sight and struggling to feed now…T. West I heard not so comfortable and few others,” Osaze twitted.
The Edo-born player lately has used the social network site to unleash his rage at several ex-Eagles players and the Nigeria Football Federation. He also unleashed his anger at West Brom and their fans via the same channel when his transfer bid to Queens Park Rangers fell through.
But Taribo, who has now turned pastor, replied the England-based player on Thursday saying, “It is embarrassing to read such comments about me in the newspapers. The last time he probably saw me was in 2008, so what does he know about me?
“Have I asked him for money before? God has been kind to me and my ministry and I have not begged anybody for money. I am doing well; I am not broke and never will be till Christ comes. In Christ, I have everything, so I am not lacking. I think he has lost track and needs to get himself together.
“He should shut up and focus on his career instead of insulting his seniors all the time. He needs to respect his elders. His utterances smacks of indiscipline and unprofessionalism. He should apologise to everyone he’s been abusing on Twitter because if he continues like this, he will not go far.”
Taribo, who played for Italian giants AC Milan and Inter Milan, during an illustrious career, said comments onTwitter was not the best way to fight the cause of Nigeria’s ex-footballers.
“If he is fighting for ex-players, then that is not how to go about it. He should come home and fight those who are not helping the footballers.
“How many ex-footballers has he helped? How can he stay in England and fight for a cause in Nigeria? He should join his seniors and fight for their cause because his approach has no foundation,” Taribo added.

Photos: Ugandan Boy Raised By Monkeys Tries To Adapt

His story began in 1985 when NRA soldiers discovered him in the forest, with his adoptive family – a pack of monkeys. A replica of the fairy tale, The Jungle Book, Robert Mayanja has since been rehabilitated among humans, but still has tendencies of the animal he was raised to be.
He strains his legs as he walks, with his mouth full of grass. His tongue hangs out as he constantly moves from place to place, looking for privacy. He is short with small feet. It is his wrinkled mature face that shows his estimated age.
As I stretch my hand to greet him, he forcefully reaches for me; with wild gestures and moves that make me freeze in utter shock, before instinctively jumping away. But that does not deter Mayanja from following me.
“Do not run, he just wants to hug you. It is his way of greeting and showing love to people. Robert greets with the language he knows best, which is a powerful hug,” Monica Angeyo, the director of L’Arche, where Mayanja lives, explains.
L’Arche is an NGO in Busega, Kampala, which took on the boy who was rescued from the jungle over 20 years ago. It offers physiotherapy and occupational therapy to mentally handicapped children and young adults.
Mayanja was raised by monkeys until he was six years old. His story dates back to the early 1980s, during the civil unrest at that time. Except for his birthplace, known to be Luwero, nothing more is known about Mayanja’s birthday, parents and early childhood.
The only available history starts when soldiers of the National Resistance Army found him in a forest in 1985, with a pack of monkeys.
It is believed that his parents were killed in 1982 during the war and the boy was abandoned in the forest. He was believed to be about three years old when he was left alone and lived in the wild for another three years.
As the soldiers roamed about the bushes, they spotted what looked unmistakably like a human being among the monkeys. They had to disperse the monkeys in order to rescue the boy, but it was a struggle because the monkeys put up a fight.
One adult female monkey held Mayanja tightly to her bosom in an attempt to protect him.
Angeyo says according to reports from those who rescued him, while in the wild, Mayanja survived on fruits, berries and roots and learnt all the mannerisms of the monkeys that adopted him.
When he was found, he could not sit or stand, but only squat and jump. He neither smiled nor talked, but made jungle noises, which quickly got him a new name — Monkey Boy.
In the beginning, it was a struggle to take him through the bathroom procedure, but now it is his favourite activity. Though he cannot dress himself, he voluntarily lifts his legs in turn to wear trousers and stretches out his hands for the shirt.
He does not know where to keep his clothes, though.
He is pictured right with other members of the L'Arche community.
Mayanja joined L’Arche community on July 5, 1991. He was about 12 years old. Since the date of his birth was uncertain, L’Arche Community created one for him, which is July 5.
His birthday is celebrated every year and Mayanja probably knows it as the day he gets to wear nice clothes.
Doctors described Mayanja as an autistic child; living in his own world. At the time he was rescued, he had a dull personality and would not respond easily to human beings. He would swallow food very fast without chewing.
“Mayanja has learnt rudimentary life skills like toilet manners. He knows when it is time for toilet and does not soil himself. He walks to the toilet door and waits for someone to help him,” Angeyo says.
He likes sunbathing and staying in isolation and sometimes makes monkey-like sounds. Mayanja wakes up in the morning and looks for a comfortable spot on the ground, folds his arms and legs and lies on the ground to enjoy the sun.
Sometimes, he picks grass and puts in his mouth. When he walks, his posture is the slight hunch of an ape. Mayanja sees well, but hardly notices the other children around him, and on a bad day, he walks over them if they are in his way with no smile at all.
He is now accustomed to the routine of the community. Wake up time is 6:00am. He jumps out of bed then stops, goes to the toilet and then the bathroom, where he waits for the care assistant to bathe him since he cannot bathe himself.
“After bathing, Mayanja sits in the dining room waiting for breakfast and if it is delayed, he moves to the kitchen to make his presence known, before going back to the dining table.
Initially, he could not sit on the chair and had to be tied to it during meals but now he comfortably sits down and waits to be served,” Angeyo relates. Among other things, he has learnt how to chew as he eats as pictured below left. Initially, he would swallow food without chewing it.

“Robert is emotional and gets excited when he hears the sound of drums and shakes his head. He makes sounds to indicate feelings of pain, hunger or happiness. He cries when he is hurt and dances when he is happy, since he does not talk,” Angeyo explains.
Angeyo says Mayanja has a long way to go; he still needs a lot of help from the physiotherapist and occupational therapist.
“We have had many people come here to get Mayanja’s information with promises that they are getting for him doctors to help, but none of them comes back,” Angeyo says, adding that even those who brought Mayanja to the centre have long stopped being concerned about his welfare.
Help for special needs The L’Arche community in Uganda started in 1991 and supports 19 people with learning disabilities and a further 20 disabled people are welcomed in the day provision service.
Those with special needs are equipped with vocational or technical skills like carpentry and playing music instruments, which have boosted their self-esteem and potential to earn a living.
Most of the children and young adults at the centre are orphaned or abandoned because of the stigma. Angeyo says they could do with financial support from the Government.

Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose Welcome Son Sebastian

It’s pure joy for rapper Wiz Khalifa as his fiancée has given him a new baby.
Cameron Jibril Thomaz and Amber Rose welcomed their new baby Sebastian yesterday.
While Rose was pregnant, she had the support of her hubby to be as the rapper never left her side. They were seen trotting red carpet events together and Wiz was obviously proud of her even with the round protruding tummy. He was always seen fondling her tummy in pictures as he awaited his baby.
Khalifa made a marriage proposal to model Amber Rose on March 1, 2012. On September 6, 2012 at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards he and his fiancée Amber Rose announced they were expecting their first child together. In December 2012, Khalifa said the baby was due the following month and that he and Rose planned to get married a few months later, in March or April. The baby’s due date was subsequently changed to February 24, but the baby came days earlier on February 21, 2013.
Khalifa is excited about getting to call his son “The Bash”, but the O.N.I.F.C. rapper is mostly excited about one thing.
“I’m just looking forward to always havin’ that little guy waitin’ for me at home,” Wiz told MTV News, before describing his brand-new support system. “He’s always going to be here for the rest of my life. So no matter what’s goin’ on, no matter what my day is like, I’m always going to have him.”
The news of the new born came as Khalifa tweeted out “Happy Birthday Sebastian “The Bash” Taylor Thomaz!!! Everyone welcome this perfect young man into the world.” The celebratory tweet came only hours after the rapper showed himself in hospital scrubs, writing, “It’s daddy time.”
Khalifa is open about his use of cannabis, and he has claimed in many interviews that he spends $10,000 a month on cannabis, and also smokes daily. We just hope Khalifa won’t be like Snoop Dogg who smokes with his son.
Congratulations to the couple.

PHOTOS: The Opening Ceremony Of Eko Atlantic City

Former US president Bill Clinton, President Goodluck Jonathan, Governor Fashola, Bola Tinubu and many top dignitaries attended the opening ceremony of the first phase of the Eko Atlantic City which held in Lagos yesterday.
Eko Atlantic City is a new city born from the Atlantic Ocean in Lagos.
The new 5-million-square-metre city, is to be the first modern smart city in Africa to be built on reclaimed land from the Atlantic Ocean.
View pictures below...

Actress, Foluke Daramola & Husband On HoneyMoon

Nollywood star actress, Foluke Daramola and her new hubby, Kayode Salako are currently in Ago-Iwoye, Ijebu, Ogun State for honeymoon.
The duo got married at a secret traditional wedding last week.
Sources close to the couple revealed that they are lodged in one of the classy hotels in the University town.
The controversial actress started dating Kayode, who used to be the Head of Fasholamania Group, and now the Head of Change Agent of Nigeria Network, mid-last year.
Kayode’s wife, Bukola with whom he had been married for thirteen years and who had three children for him reportedly packed out of their matrimonial home in Omole area of Lagos with the children and has since not return to her estranged hubby.
Bukola, who is said to be a pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God, sources said, vowed never to return to Kayode if he continued to have anything to do with Foluke.
The busty actress, who claimed to be the Publicity Secretary of Change Agent of Nigeria, had denied going out with Kayode in an interview last year claiming that they were only working together.
In her words:
‘Let’s assume they saw me with him, did they see us romancing, and if they saw us together is that the reason she should leave the house.
That they saw my husband with a woman is not enough for me to leave the house, there is no correlation between the two. Is that why she should pack 90% of her properties away and sued for divorce the fourth day,’ she said in reaction to an allegation that Bukola packed out of the house because of her.
But, this has since become history as events that followed indicated that the sultry actress, divorced her ex-hubby, Tunde Sobowale with whom she had two children few years back.

Tonto Dikeh’s Fans Fear For Her Health

Tonto Dikeh who made her début in Nollywood few years back is naturally fair in complexion.
But despite this, the controversial actress has gone ahead to tone her skin in a manner that makes her to  look like  a ‘weird beauty.’
Her fans are expressing fear that the actress whose green veins have become so obvious through her now thin-layered skin, may soon break down with a skin disease.
Speculations are also rife that Tonto may have gone through a whitening machine to get her skin whiter than normal.
It was learnt that despite Tonto’s denial that she’d stopped smoking, the actress is still secretly smoking her thing.
A concerned fan of the actress expressed her fear this way:  “This girl will not kill herself.”
Source: Vanguard

Amal, John Fashanu's Daughter On Red Carpet With Exposed Nipple

John Fashau's 24 year old daughter who is a presenter at BBC 3 gambled this very raunchy floor-length burgundy animal-print dress with high side slit on both sides on the red carpet yesterday. Before the event she was very excited she posted a photo of her dress, she added;
"#fashion #animalprint #event #london #letsdothis #red #heels #mac." 
Clearly, the ex-footballer's daughter was very uncomfortable on the red carpet as she stylishly covered her decency, despite the hardwork, her nípple didn't stay in as she walked around not knowing her nípple was out in the open and on show for the world to see. 
see singer, Jessie J wearing the dress differently, and tell u who rocked it best.

Goldie’s Husband Denied Visa, Burial Plans On Hold!

The Nigerian High Commission in London has allegedly denied Andrew Harvey a visa into the country.
Goldie’s husband was expected to arrive Nigeria this week to finalize his late wife’s burial plans with her family members. The widower,
Mr Harvey is already planning to re-apply at a different embassy so as to make it in time for the burial arrangements. – why was his visa denied?
A family member who pleaded anonymity disclosed that “we would have fixed a burial date but Andrew is the one keeping us waiting, so when Andrew returns to Nigeria, as without Andrew, we can’t proceed with the plans”

Cam'ron Shares more photo Of Him And His Girlfriend Having Sex

In 2013, and in the world of social media, how much is too much information? American rapper, Cam'ron shared on instagram, a photo of him and his fiancee, Juju having séx in a tub. I couldn't believe it, and to make matters worse, I expected dozens of negative comments, but no, it was the complete opposite as you can see from the image below. The post already has 5,894 likes, along with the image he added;
@iamjuju_ bustin one, sittin on da di*% (nh while da water hits da clitoris. Made her say hollauah!! lol
Clearly in 2013 anything is acceptable I guess but have I lost it? How come I don't see humor in this? To me this is either a case of too much alcohol or simply attention seeking. I still can't believe she let him post it. I have to ask, who was the cameraman?

Prezzo losing the battle to Goldie’s husband!

As things stand now,Kenyan rapper, Prezzo may not be ‘allowed’ to see the corpse of his beloved friend, Goldie, if the threat made by the songstress’ husband, Andrew Harvey is anything to reckon with.
During the week,  Malaysian based Briton, Harvey who happens to be legally married to Goldie and also, an administrator on Goldie’s official facebook page, warned Prezzo never to bother to attend Goldie’s funeral rites. He accused the Kenyan rapper of causing a lot of pain to the family.
However, following the threat, Prezzo during the week returned to his country. Those in the know said, he made his flight booking last Monday.
Andrew claimed that he agreed with Goldie to keep their affair private but the mere fact that she   had publicly moved on with Prezzo left much to be desired.  Prezzo, Goldie and Channel O TV presenter, Denrele Edun were in the final stages of launching their reality show dubbed ‘Tru Friendship’ but all this has been dealt a blow.
4Sho 4Shizzy star had travelled to Nigeria to spend a late Valentine’s night with Goldie but unfortunately, that was the very day she passed on. Prezzo was speechless until the following day when he penned down a poem as a tribute to his dear friend he met in the Big Brother Africa house.
Goldie’s death brought  Andrew Harvey to the limelight with pictorial evidence of their 2005 Wedding which was followed with a warning to Prezzo to leave “him and Goldie’s family to mourn in peace as he had caused us lot of pain.”

Actress Aubrey Evelyn: Hot or Not

24 year old Aubrey Evelyn is a business woman, model and an upcoming actress. She has featured in Facebook babes, I broke my heart, The Kings and Maidens, etc.


PHOTOS: Beyonce, Rihanna And Adele's Child Look Alikes At The Grammys

This is the children's version of the Grammy's, the kids were dressed up to look like some celebrities.
Who rocked it better? The celebrities or the kids?

PHOTOS: Prayer Session Held In Memory Of Goldie Harvey

Exactly one week after singer, Goldie died a candlelight ceremony was held in her memory by her close friends and associates yesterday, 22 Feb 2013.

Hip-hop artiste and Nigeria’s representative at the last Big Brother Africa Star Game reality show, Goldie passed away on Thursday night shortly after she returned from the US where she attended the Grammy Awards on Sunday.
The musician who is famous for her sense of style, died at Reddington Hospital, in Victoria Island, Lagos.

She was said to have been rushed to the hospital after she complained of a migraine and then gave up the ghost in the hands of her friend and Channel O Veejay; Denrele Edun, who was in the hospital with her.
Those present were Denrele Edun, Prezzo, Karen Igho, Ola (of big brother) and more.

Tattoo artist creates 3D nipples

A Baltimore-area tattoo artist is making a name for himself inking 3D nipples onto the chests of breast cancer survivors.

For many women, Vinnie Myers’ tattoo shop — in a nondescript strip mall in Finksburg, Md. — is the very last stop of a “physically and emotionally taxing” journey.

The treatment process is finally over.

“I’m the last person they see in that big battle,” Myers told the Daily News. “They need nothing else. They beat it, they’re done.”

As one of his customers put it, the nipple and areola tattoos are “the icing on the cake.”

Lillie Shockney, a nurse at Baltimore’s John Hopkins Breast Center, went to Myers after she saw his work on one of her patients.

When he was done, “he turned my chair so I could see what I looked like in the mirror, and I burst into tears because they truly look real,” she told the Daily News.

Typically in the breast reconstruction process, a nurse or physician’s assistant does the dermal abrasion that creates the appearance of nipples and areolas.

When Shockney had it done about ten years ago, she had three colors to choose from: light tan, dark brown or salmon.

“I don’t think anyone’s breasts should be referred to as fish, but that was the most common color,” she said.

Shockney chose salmon, and the result “looked like two pancakes.”

While color options have since improved, it’s hard to match Myers’ decades of experience in color-matching and shading.

“We’ve spent our entire lives learning the craft of tattooing,” he said. “It’s kind of a no-brainer that a tattoo artist should be doing this, not a nurse.”

Myers started doing the tattoos in 2002, after a Baltimore doctor enlisted his help “because he realized he wasn’t good at tattooing.”

Word spread and more doctors reached out to Myers. Eventually, he stopped doing other tattoos and now works with breast-cancer patients full-time from his tattoo shop.

He does about 4 to 5 nipple and areola tattoos a day, 5 days a week.

“You’d be surprised at how tight breast-cancer circles are,” Myers said. “If something’s good, word gets out.”

Given Myers’ success, it’s a wonder tattoo artists weren’t brought into the process sooner.

“I just don’t know that anyone really put basic artistic principles into it,” Myers said. “I think plastic surgeons are concentrating on the breast reconstruction part and that’s what’s important for them. The important thing for me is to do a good-looking tattoo.”

The detail is what makes the difference, Shockney said.

“I know that I am whole again, and that the realistic image of the nipple and areola can transform a woman,” she said.

“My husband says I walk taller.”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to sell their $11 million mansion

Have Kim and Kanye gotten cold feet?
Less than two months after Kim Kardashian and Kanye West purchased a sprawling 10,000 square-foot  home in Bel Air, Calif., the parents-to-be have sold the villa for a hefty profit, according to The Real Estalker.
According to the website, Kardashian, 32, and West, 35, have already flipped the $10.75 million mansion to an unnamed buyer for a million dollars more than they paid for it.
Kardashian and West first purchased the home on January 8, source told the Daily News.


The Bel Air mansion has a gym, movie theatre, indoor pool and may already be sold for a million dollars more than Kimye paid for it!

The duo reportedly wanted to transform the house into a 14,000-square-foot Italian villa, including a movie theater, bowling alley, basketball court, and spa-everything that the growing Kardashian-West family could possibly need.
Other members of the gated community where the palatial estate is located include Jennifer Aniston and "Girls Gone Wild" director Joe Francis.
Why give up on their dreams so soon?

The 10,000-square-foot house is located in a gated community and features a swimming pool overlooking a canyon.

Perhaps Kardashian wanted her wee one to live closer to the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, who are happily ensconced miles away in Calabasas.
It's not the only Kardashian-related real estate deal that's nabbed headlines over the past few months.
On February 14, Kardashian sold the Beverly Hills home she shared with ex-husband Kris Humphries.
Kimye are also reportedly shopping around for property in Paris, New York, and Miami.

Stella Damasus Launches Her Own Hair Brand - Adiva Hair

Stella Damasus has added another line of business to the list of things shennow owns, known as Adiva hair. Her love for hair has propelled her into providing women who love style, class, glamour but also those who spend wisely, with  a new brand of wigs.

The wigs come in different lengths, colors, curls, volume and fitting according to the needs and taste of different women. They are easy to wear and remove whenever you want. Imagine having three different looks in a day and still have your natural hair breathing and resting from all the pulling from weaves and cornrows, and also relief from the constant perms to straighten the hair.

Now you can look like the stars you see on television without breaking your account as the wigs are ridiculously affordable, durable and easy to maintain. More pics after the cut.

Woman charged for mass shooting Threat

A 19-year-old Connecticut woman who prosecutors say threatened a Sandy Hook-style shooting at a community college — allegedly wanting to “one-up” gunman Adam Lanza — faces federal charges.
Amanda Bowden of East Haven was arraigned Wednesday in state Superior Court on a charge of one count of false information and hoaxes, the U.S. Attorney’s office said.
“As alleged, this defendant made a series of threats that described in great detail her intention to carry out a suicidal mass murder at a community college in New Haven,” U.S. Attorney David Fein said in a statement. “All threats of this nature will be viewed as serious by this office and prosecuted to the full extent of federal law.”
Prosecutors say Bowden made the threats this month, initially through text messaging with a cooperating witness and subsequently through texts and verbal conversations with an undercover law enforcement agent. They say Bowden claimed to possess firearms and to have constructed at least two napalm-based bombs at her residence.
Authorities say no firearms or explosive devices or related materials were found during a search of Bowden’s residence.
A criminal complaint reveals a number of troubling threats against Gateway Community College in New Haven, where she was not actually a student or affiliated with the school, according to college officials.
Bowden allegedly texted the cooperating witness Feb. 5, saying that she was “depressed” and that “shooting things is one of the few things I find fun,” according to the complaint.
Bowden then mentioned she was targeting “Gateway” and was “pissed when the sandy hook happened ... Cuz I wanted to be the next big one.”
The teen was referencing Lanza, the gunman who slaughtered 26 people, including 20 children, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., in December.
The complaint says Bowden had been planning for a couple of months to bomb and shoot up Gateway, and then kill herself.
“Ill shoot a cop,” she allegedly texted to the cooperating witness Feb. 7. “That’s what I’m trying to figure out how to get around them that’s why I want to bomb it first then go in hopefully wiping out some security.”
Bowden told investigators she was not actually planning any shooting or bombing but was seeking to be accepted by the people she was exchanging messages with, according to the affidavit.
But authorities say that she admitted sending texts describing how she made napalm bombs and that she researched online how to make the explosives.
Phone calls were left with Bowden's federal public defender and at her home seeking comment.
She faces up to five years in prison if convicted of the federal charge, a felony offense
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