Friday, 22 February 2013

Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose Welcome Son Sebastian

It’s pure joy for rapper Wiz Khalifa as his fiancée has given him a new baby.
Cameron Jibril Thomaz and Amber Rose welcomed their new baby Sebastian yesterday.
While Rose was pregnant, she had the support of her hubby to be as the rapper never left her side. They were seen trotting red carpet events together and Wiz was obviously proud of her even with the round protruding tummy. He was always seen fondling her tummy in pictures as he awaited his baby.
Khalifa made a marriage proposal to model Amber Rose on March 1, 2012. On September 6, 2012 at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards he and his fiancée Amber Rose announced they were expecting their first child together. In December 2012, Khalifa said the baby was due the following month and that he and Rose planned to get married a few months later, in March or April. The baby’s due date was subsequently changed to February 24, but the baby came days earlier on February 21, 2013.
Khalifa is excited about getting to call his son “The Bash”, but the O.N.I.F.C. rapper is mostly excited about one thing.
“I’m just looking forward to always havin’ that little guy waitin’ for me at home,” Wiz told MTV News, before describing his brand-new support system. “He’s always going to be here for the rest of my life. So no matter what’s goin’ on, no matter what my day is like, I’m always going to have him.”
The news of the new born came as Khalifa tweeted out “Happy Birthday Sebastian “The Bash” Taylor Thomaz!!! Everyone welcome this perfect young man into the world.” The celebratory tweet came only hours after the rapper showed himself in hospital scrubs, writing, “It’s daddy time.”
Khalifa is open about his use of cannabis, and he has claimed in many interviews that he spends $10,000 a month on cannabis, and also smokes daily. We just hope Khalifa won’t be like Snoop Dogg who smokes with his son.
Congratulations to the couple.

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