Saturday, 20 July 2013

St. Janet Marriage In Trouble As Husband Relocates To US

In June when the lewd singer, St Janet Ajilore changed her status message from being married to ‘Complicated’ it wasn’t too much of a problem for industry watchers to suspect that there was crack in her marriage. But recent event proved them wrong as after that change of status, the two were found again at each other’s arms.

As you are reading this now, the sensational artiste, St Janet, who is having a running battle with another female singer in Ikorodu who recently got involved with Police over the death of a girl, has not set her eyes on her husband for the past two months; we learnt, the husband, Olukayode Iyun has been away in the United State of America where he’s said to have taken up the service of a sound engineer for some studios and artistes.

Prior to his trip, St. Janet and hubby were battling with many issues at home and the band's management. Olukayode has since stopped managing his wife and attending shows with her, a responsibility that has since been taken up by one Alhaji SkyWay.

Sources close to the couple feared that they if they continued to keep each other at arm's length for so long, the union would naturally break. St. Janet and husband, according to sources have grown apart partly because of various marital allegations and differences. 

To worsen it the reports that Olukayode allegedly had a carnal knowledge of St. Janet's love child definitely put a wedge between them. Though both have come out to clear the air on the matter but the fact that it happened has not brought any relief to the singer, our source insisted.

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