Monday, 26 August 2013

Kaffy, Umeh’s Age Differences: Dancer’s Aide Replies Critics

Recently, the social media agog with the tale of Kaffy being eight years older than her beau, Joseph Ameh, the international drummer who rolls with P Square.

It’s not unheard-of that a wife should be eight years older than her husband vis-à-vis but what matters in a relationship is love. This a lot of her followers quite agree and respect her decision on ‘age is, but, a number’.

One of the aides of the dance queen, Kaffy, we chatted with in Ajah, has responded many critics who are bashing the couple about their age differences.

“What is the big deal about age that the social media are carrying about? Is Dare Art-Alade not younger than his wife? Kaffy and Jo love each other so much, that all that matter not age. This can’t pull a string from their hair; so why making a mountain out of a mole hill,” her aide fired.

Kaffy, the mother of two, who has a youthful visage despite her status, is expecting her third baby, her second for her husband, Joseph who posted his passport online that shows he is 25 year-old dude while his wife Kaffy is 33years old

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