Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The High Rate Of Runs Girls In Naija Universities

“Study habit is poor; they still bask in examination malpractice and are engaged in bad gangs and internet fraud. A number of female students are into prostitution. I am sure that the National Association of Nigeria Students and local student unions are taking steps to purge their members of these ills."

Those are the words of the former Executive Secretary of Nigeria National Universities Commission (NUC), Prof Peter Okebukola, while decrying the high rate of female prostitutes in Nigerian universities, saying the trend is a dangerous slope for Nigeria's future generation.

In a chat with Leadership, Prof Okebukola said but for the dirty acts of our ladies, leaving their books to go into prostitution, Nigeria still has some of the best universities in Nigeria.

“Let me assure you that Nigerian universities are still clearly the leader in the pack in Africa regarding quality of curriculum delivery. Without sounding arrogant, I have been in more than 70% of universities in Africa and only two months ago, concluded a consultancy on the quality of university education in Africa,” he said.

Okebukola said lecturers in Nigerian universities are among the best and most respected and regarded in the West African region, saying the major problem is the continuous problem between ASUU and government.

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