Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Top 6 Foods That Boost Your SéX Life!!!

For a couple in a marital relationship, physical intimacy is a way to express and enhance their love. The way you hold your partner, the small hugs, a tiny kiss and the way you look into your beloved’s eyes, all make a difference in your relationship. If you feel the level of physical intimacy in your relationship dropping considerably and you are in a desperate need to boost it up, there are some foods that can provide you with a solution. Certain foods can help you boost the physical aspect of your love life. So, take a look at six of them.
1. Boost your love with Almonds
Almonds are a great source of adding essential fatty acids in the body. These fatty acids are responsible for producing various important hormones required by men for enhancing their physical relationships. Smell of almonds also helps in arousing passion in women. Almonds can help you boost your physical relations. So, add raw almonds in your diet, sans any salt or sweetener.
2. Figs improve stamina
During an intercourse, it is natural to crave for more stamina. Figs contain amino acids, which provide your body with good amount of stamina for your physical enjoyment, as well as increase the craving for your partner. Other than this, the shape of this sweet and juicy fruit is quite sensual as well.
3. Try some Celery

If you want to increase the stimulus that is produced during intercourse then you should try celery. It contains androsterone, an odorless hormone that is released through male perspiration, which acts as a turn on for women. So, next time you want to arouse your woman, try having celery. Best way to have celery is to eat it raw, just before getting into bed.

4. Avocados are good
It is useful for men and women alike. It increases the protein content in your system, so that you get more energy. It also provides vitamin B6, which is useful for production of male hormones. It also contains potassium that helps in regulating the thyroid gland in women. These two elements (male hormones and thyroid gland) help to boost your physical craving for your partner.
5. Do not forget Garlic
Garlic is an important element to cure many ailments and diseases. Well, you might be wondering that eating raw garlic may turn your partner off, but the heat in this herb is a good stirrer for your libido. Garlic also contains allicin, a chemical, which allows free flow of blood to the s*xual organs. But, it is always best to have garlic in moderation, so that your breath does not end up driving your partner away.
6. Strawberries and Chocolates
Both these foods are filled with aphrodisiac qualities. Strawberries have essential fatty acids, which are essential for s*xual arousal in both men and women. While, cocoa in chocolates contains a chemical, phenylethylamine, that stimulates feelings of excitement and well-being. So, dip some strawberries in chocolate and feed them to your partner to boost your love life.
Add these s*x boosting foods in your diet to bring back the spark in your love life!

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