Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Photos: Wearing Adult Diapers Is A Trend For Women In Japan

Some Japanese women have decided to level the playing field with men in some awkward way, by stinking more, according to reports.

In the U.S., adult diapers are mainly for the elderly, but in Japan, young women have started using diapers as a way of leveling the playing field with men.

The logic is that men are drooling dirty, horrible and have much lower standards when it comes to household cleaning and personal care. Therefore, women have decided to become raw through leaving the dishes in the sink, not removing body hair and peeing in their pants.

Instead of getting up to squat over the hole in the floor a strange bathroom passes for a toilet in the Far East, as women in Japan have decided they prefer to wear an adult diaper and let nature take its course.
One 25-year-old woman, identified only by a nickname, has been wearing a diaper to work in a real estate agency almost every day for the last six months. She does it to save time and hassle of going to the bathroom. She does not wear one when her boyfriend is around and only used it under a skirt because pants makes it too obvious for onlookers.
Japan’s SPA magazine recently published an article called “The Ultimate Form Of Slob,” about the masculinization of women, which appears to be manifesting itself in female “slob” behaviors. This includes slacking on cleanliness in homes, refusing to maintain hairless bodies, and wait for it … wearing diapers to avoid having to take bathroom breaks at work.
One of the 25-year-old “slobs” interviewed in the piece confessed to wearing a diaper to work for the last six months to save her the trouble of having to use the toilet. LIKE, SHE PEES IN HER DIAPER AND SITS IN IT. Apparently, this trend is catching on and some drugstores have started stocking their feminine hygiene sections with lots of adult diapers.
NO. NOOOOOO! Not acceptable! I am fine with slovenliness. It’s not my way, but I don’t judge. Housework and laundry and body hair are all annoying. I get it. Interrupting the work day to pee, especially if you have a small bladder, can also be a nuisance. But in no universe would that move me to start wearing a diaper.
I suspect there’s a fetish attached to this. But honestly, I don’t want to know.  I trust naija ladies 'dem no dey carry last at all' this should be trending in Naija very soon..
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Anonymous said...

Maybe you should try it yourself, it is not so awful than you think.

Jade Graham said...

we can tell you that PR Newswire continues to pirate our articles without compensation. If this article snakes through the ethers of the Internet adult diapers

Anonymous said...

I wear diapers everyday!
I am a masochist diapered girl.

Anonymous said...

I'm a man, 44, located in Germany and I love my diapers.
OK, I'm incontinent but the feeling not to use a public toilet is really fine.

Anonymous said...

Women look sexy in diapers

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